Termite Treatments

All Kill Pest Control can treat any termite problem you encounter.

After discovery of active termites within the home, it is imperative that the species of termite is accurately identified before costly (and sometimes unnecessary or inappropriate) methods of treatment are initiated. Our inspectors can look at your problem and provide an obligation free quote for information on how best to treat your termite problem.
In all cases of termite infestation it is important that the termite workings are not disturbed until the proposed method of control has been determined by our technicians. Attempts to treat the termites with household sprays; or efforts to repair and replace infested timber, may cause the termites to withdraw from the area temporarily, thereby hindering effective treatment.
When treating termite activity within the home, there are several different options available. All Kill Pest Control use the latest and best chemicals available to treat termite activity.

All Kill Pest Control are an approved Termidor Applicator. Using Termidor Dust and Termidor liquid we carry out effective termite control treatments. For further information on Termidor visit www.termidor.com.au

All Kill Pest Control are authorised installers of the Altis Termite Reticulation System, which can be installed on successfully completing termite chemical treatments. Refer to www.altis.net.au for more information.

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