Termite Inspections

Termite Subnest

A full termite inspection of your property should be part of your annual maintenance programme prior to purchasing a new home or when simply maintaining your existing home.

The Australian Standard AS3660 for Termite Management recommends regular inspections as part of a regular maintenance programme. These should be conducted at intervals not exceeding 12 months to minimise the risk of concealed termite entry for each and every building.

Our termite inspections provide a comprehensive inspection of your house and property, identifying any existing or potential problems around your home which could lead to a termite attack. Following each inspection we provide a detailed inspection report outlining the findings of the inspection and providing recommendations on remedial action to be taken. The report can be either emailed or posted to you.

It is important to have an annual inspection of your home or office regardless of the age of your property. New homes are not immune to termite attack. We have encountered numerous cases of new homes, 2-4 years of age, where termite activity has caused major structural damage. On our inspections we see how some of the latest termite barrier systems have failed due to poor installation, building faults or the home owner causing a breach of the barrier allowing termite activity within the building. It is for this reason we encourage property owners to have continued termite inspections by industry specialists.

After carrying out your pre-purchase inspection or annual maintenance inspection, All Kill Pest Control, as a part of our customer service programme, send all our customers a reminder letter 12 months from the time of the initial inspection. Something else you don’t have to remember, we will do it for you.

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